About Us

Manager’s Message

KAC Trading Company (KACT) is company riding a journey to excellence. KACT provides a wide range of Products and related services to the oil & gas extractive industries. Act's General trading & Services Department is focusing on providing sales and services for general products and equipment in Kuwait market, also doing pre-qualification process for the vendors and companies that are represented by KACT in Kuwait.

Our Motto in KACT is “We keep you first. And keep you ahead” and this is a value that is vigorously promoted throughout our various locations. We are committed to ensuring a high level of ethical conduct, fairness and attractive career development opportunities for all our employees. Technology and Innovation have been identified as essential enablers to unlock the company’s potential and to improve KACT capabilities, to manage old and new challenges, and become resilient in the market conditions with prices fluctuating.

Finally, I would like to thank our Governing Board, employees and partners for their dedication and continued support, as we look forward to another year of success.


Fawaz Al-Enizy